1. Antwerp
  2. Night Shift Antwerp 2018

Night Shift
Antwerp 2018

  • Saturday 24 November 2018
  • 16.00h - 4.00h
  • Waagnatie
    Rijnkaai 150, 2000 Antwerp

What to expect at
Night Shift Antwerp 2018

Night Shift 2017 brings together creative entrepreneurs for a new way of doing business, while a DJ provides the perfect vibes for the evening at each edition.

Starters and established entrepreneurs come together to get to know people, services and products in an inspiring, informative and informal ambiance.

For the sixt year in a row, the Night Shift collective scales great heights in a number of Belgian cities. In the meantime, the events have amassed a solid reputation

Conversation Starter

Standing alone holding a cup of coffee with no one to talk to?
It’s not just an event attendee’s nightmare—it’s an event organizer’s nightmare, too! That’s why we love using Conversation Starter.

How it works for attendees
Before the event, attendees share with each other what people they would like to meet and the expertise they can offer.

With a single click, attendees invite fellow attendees to meet at the event.

At the start of the event, attendees receive their personal schedule of meetings.

Previous edition
of Night Shift

Exhibitors 2018

Aiesec aiesec.be
Disorderline disorderline.com
Engel & Volkers www.engelvoelkers.com
FAEK plant your event www.faek.be
Fast Forward Events www.fastforward.events
Furoo www.furoo.be
Gentlemen's Craft www.thedrunkenhorsegin.com
Grailee's www.grailees.be
Idee Fiks www.ideefiks.be
Lemon Companies www.lemon.be
Levi Party Rental www.levipartyrental.be
Lightspeed www.lightspeedhq.be
My Sales Coach www.mysales.coach
RMDY rmdy.be
Safe Security safesecurity.be
Sikkema www.sikkema.be
Sofie-Sticated www.sofie-sticated.be
Starsky www.starsky.be
Symphony Cloud www.symphony-cloud.eu
Teamleader public.teamleader.be
Telenet Business digitaleversnelling.be
Vranken Pommery www.vrankenpommery.com
WÜRST www.wurstdogs.be
YUKI www.yuki.be

Exhibitors 2017

ADM Group www.admgroup.be
Alcobrands www.alcobrands.be
Amfora amfora.wine
Atelier V www.atelierv.be
Audience www.audience.me
Bambooti www.bambooti.be
Breakfastbox www.breakfastbox.be
BRYO www.bryo.be
Burocad www.burocad.be
byANOUK www.byanouk.com
Café Costume www.cafecostume.com
Calibrate www.calibrate.be
Chaqwa www.chaqwa.be
Chestnote chestnote.com
CityCubes www.citycubes.be
Cityhappyning www.cityhappyning.be
De Tuindoos www.detuindoos.be
Digital Creations Agency www.dca.lu
Dominique Peeters dominiquepeeters.be/nl
Elegnano www.elegnano.com
Engel & Volkers www.engelvoelkers.com
FAEK www.faek.be
Gingerwald www.gingerwald.be
Hello crowd! crowd.hellobank.be
Ibiza Escapes www.ibiza-escapes.be
Imprint Weddings www.imprintweddings.be
Konvert www.konvert.be
Ku Leuven, Alumni Lovaniensis Antwerpen alum.kuleuven.be
Levi Party Rental www.levipartyrental.be
MaisonRouge www.maisonrouge.be
Make Your Own Spirit www.makeyourownspirit.com
Martha bvba www.martha-bvba.be
Minimum minimum.dk
Miraeus www.miraeus.com
Netwerk Ondernemen netwerkondernemen.be
OffSite Events www.offsite-events.be
PoenPoezen poenpoezen.be
POM justpom.it
Rebelgroup www.rebelgroup.be
Rosehip & Raspberry www.rosehip.be
Ruben-O www.ruben-o.com
Safe Security safesecurity.be/nl
Sharingbox www.sharingbox.com
Silverspoon www.silverspoon.be
Slow Holiday Homes www.slowholidayhomes.com
Soulmade www.soulmade.media
Stad Antwerpen www.ondernemeninantwerpen.be
Start it @kbc startit.be
Studio Legale www.studio-legale.be
Teamleader www.teamleader.be
The Closet www.thecloset.be
The Mobile Make-up Bar www.themobilemakeupbar.com
The Rabbit Hole www.therabbithole.be
Treespoke www.treespoke.com
Tsjing www.tsjing.eu
Vavato www.vavato.com
Verhamme + De Vel Architecten www.verhamme-devel.be
Vranken Pommery www.vrankenpommery.com