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Conference Hasselt 2016

Night Shift stimulates the creative aspect of business, a playground where experiments lead to innovation.

Night Shift is a place where taking risk is encouraged, and new chemistry is discovered.

The entrance to the Conferences is included in the entrance ticket. The ticket sales run through the event page on this website or try to get a hold of a free entrance ticket by one of the exhibitors or partners.

Our Guests

Hans Similon - NO-ID

As a social worker, Hans Similon, has always been compassionate towards other persons. These characteristics haven’t changed because of his first work experiences in the sales and telecom, on the contrary

With over 10 years of experience in telecom, he started working at Mobile Vikings, where he could extend his focus on ‘customer care’.

Together with his wife he founded NO-ID. Thanks to NO-ID he’s now discovering what the added value of this focus could mean to you. They help other companies to rethink their customer care strategy. Finally, as Chief Evangelist he wants to propagate this faith and strengthen the communities at Start it @kbc.

Yves Smolders - Versuz

The manager and co-owner of the Versuz, located at the Grenslandhallen in Hasselt, already has an established and aspiring career as an entrepreneur. After his studies, he entered the club scene with a first challenge at Zillion.

In 2001 he became the manager of the first Versuz located at the Kanaalkom in Hasselt.

Next to Versuz he divides his attention between three other activities which he founded during the two years that Versuz was on a break: a light and sound rental company, an event agency and VIP transport.