1. Ghent
  2. Night Shift Ghent 2017


Night Shift stimulates the creative aspect of business, a playground where experiments lead to innovation.

Night Shift is a place where taking risk is encouraged, and new chemistry is discovered.

The entrance to the Conference is included in the entrance ticket. The ticket sales run through the event page on this website or try to get a hold of a free entrance ticket by one of the exhibitors or partners.

Our Guests

Carole Lamarque // Duval Union - 25.03.2017 - 19u00

Founding Partner, Duval Union Consulting 


Influencer marketing is trending. Dat kun je zelfs letterlijk nemen. In Google Trends krijgt het begrip het label ‘Breakout’, wat betekent dat de wereldwijde interesse in influencer marketing de afgelopen tijd met meer dan 5000% is gestegen. Maar niet alle informatie die je online vindt, is relevant. Want wat in Amerika werkt, geldt niet zomaar in de Benelux. Carole Lamarque komt haar boek INFLUENCERS voorstellen uit gegeven bij Lannoo Campus.

LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/in/carolelamarque
Twitter : https://twitter.com/caroberry


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Leander Verbraeken // Leander Personal Training - 25.03.17 - 20u00

Habit becomes anatomy: What you don’t know about your body and how you can make it better and make it last longer.

We’re doing it all wrong!
Our training systems and exercises are not working. Lots of people aren’t fit or in pain. What’s happening?

In this session I will change the way you look at your body and the way you want to train it.
Learn to understand why you might have pain and learn how to get rid of it.

If you want to live to see your grandkids and you hate the doctors office, you better not miss this session.

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Ben Urbain // Glossy.tv - 25.03.17 - 21u00

Branding through strategy
Ben Urbain is founder and creative director of Glossy.tv, a Belgian based branding agency.

Since 2004, Ben was responsible for the roll-out for several brands and developed strategy, storytelling, art direction and pure design.

For the Night Shift 2017 conference, Ben will guide you through the true meaning of branding, and where branding plays its role in the success of your organisation.

And oh! Glossy.tv is the branding agency of Night Shift too. Expect a story about how the most difficult decisions can build brands that make the difference.

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Ewaut Van Gerrewey // Code d’Or - 25.03.17 - 21u00

As an online marketing autodidact, I’ve experienced the growth of online advertising, from technical chaos to well-deployed communication.

As guest speaker for Ben, I’ll explain how creating qualitative content is one (very important) thing, but making sure it reaches the right target group is another thing. 

Want to reach a target group that’s interested in your product, in an efficient way, at a fraction of the cost of outbound marketing? Online marketing is the way to go.