This is Night Shift

What is Night Shift

Night Shift brings together entrepreneurs for a new way of doing business, while a DJ provides the perfect vibes for the evening at each edition.

Starters and established entrepreneurs come together to get to know people, services and products in an inspiring, informative and informal ambiance. For the 6th year in a row, the Night Shift collective scales great heights in a number of Belgian cities. In the meantime, the events have amassed a solid reputation.

Conferences 2018

Night Shift stimulates the creative aspect of business, a playground where experiments lead to innovation.

Night Shift is a place where taking risk is encouraged, and new chemistry is discovered.

The entrance to the Conferences is included in the entrance ticket. The ticket sales run through the event page on this website or try to get a hold of a free entrance ticket by one of the exhibitors or partners.


Are you a driven commercial talent and do you have a hands- on mentality? Are you passionate about sales and do you possess the skills to organize events? Then you are the person we're looking for! 

Become an exhibitor?

Become one of the Night Shift exhibitors and expand your network!

Cashless payment

Night Shift uses a cashless system at the events. Some FAQs:

Can I request for a refund?
- Yes, this is possible until 8 days after the start of each event. There will be a link available on our website 12 hours after each event at the latest. This link will be activated the Monday after the event at 12 PM at the latest.

What is a 'handling fee'?
- This fee is charged when your card is being activated. This fee makes the functionality of the system and the refund possible. 

Can I re-use my card at next editions?
- No, this is not possible. This type of card can only be used one time.

When can I expect my refund?
- This will be reimbursed within 14 days after the event and after the refund period has expired.